Welcome to the Risala Foundation!

Aside from commemorating the message of Islam as conveyed through the Messengers of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon them all, we chose the name Risala Foundation to also honor the works of Muslim scholarship all over the world Рincluding the works of a righteous servant here in the history of our own country.
Bilali (Ben Ali) Muhammad was a Muslim slave in Georgia in the mid-nineteenth century who was the first American Muslim community leader and author of the first Islamic text written in the United States. His book, referred to as the Risala, was written in Arabic about Islamic beliefs and the rules on prayer and cleanliness. This Risala is now preserved at the University of Georgia along with other historical American texts. It is in the footsteps of such legacies, that our foundation hopes to continue the tradition of carrying and delivering the message of Islam here in America.

We are blessed to be based in one of the most cosmopolitan, diverse and intellectually stimulating cities in the world, Houston, TX.

We are an Islamic organization that is committed to furthering understanding of Islam by reaching out to respected Islamic teachers across the Muslim world. We provide a forum for the foremost thinkers in the Muslim world to come to Houston and to share their ideas. Ultimately, we aim to provide greater understanding and unity among all Muslim organizations by offering different perspectives from across the beautiful spectrum of our faith. We stand united with all the mainstream Islamic organizations and seek to enlighten the Houston community with relevant programming.